Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ratticus Infestation.

Before I begin this scripture on the Rattici I ponder upon a recent hunt to the Sasquatch Valley. It was here nothing out of the ordinary occurred in my opinion, but there were a unusual number of cave cobra present as evident by my sketch. It is moments like this I cherish. I think this is because I value ranks primarily and cc are relatively easy to tag and kill quick.

Ratticus Infestation:

It was after the Tok'han hunt and many exiles were thinking their thoughts of distress. I was none to excited by the thought of a "rat" invasion. I would rather skip it to hunt KI or MI or Valley. The group had spoken though and TC was are destination (Not necessarily to save the day, but to rest or study in the library.) And so I yelled "Thoom Rescue," as I entered Town Center.

I soon found an abundant number of ratticus variations. Their numbers were not yet overwhelming and I tagged a couple and ran in front of the temple. Behind me some companions fell and I soon joined them. One cannot tell visually the difference between a rat and a ratticus, thus making the difficulty of fighting them so hard. I swung out many of times and found myself surrounded and quickly falling to these tiny animals.

Soon afterward fire-breathing ratticuses joined in the battle burning a lot of exiles to PND and requiring some of the most skilled horus healers (lib and non-lib) to our aid. In the first batch of fallens I myself was one of the worst and I bleed all over the cheap books before getting healed. As such I missed out on most of the tactics that ended the invasion, though I think exiles returned to the secret underground passages to make direct attacks on the outwitted ratticuses.

I find it curious that some exiles leave the fight in anger. I myself enjoy the challenge and have patience while others depart or pass out in the streets. To blame for this invasion could be exile, BlackHand. He mocked the gods and it could have been that action that caused this.


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