Thursday, September 13, 2007

Metz Revisited.

It has been quite some time since I landed on the majestic beaches of Metz. I arrived on the sand a little stronger and a little wiser than my first exploration. Our primary objective was to assist the ranger Blackhole in a quest for Ancient Greymyr's. I joined and I helped destroy some animals. This was not a rank hunt though and I was mostly exploring for myself.

The Mystic Ansset gave some impressive boosts that increased my accuracy for just about everything I wiffed on. I also learned a lesson as my slow reflexes caused Ansset to get pummeled by rocks and ruins, thus rendering him unraisable and bringing the end to our short hunt. It wasn't long after that we returned with a different group and had a very similar experience.

My mood toward Metz is currently disinterest. I recall similar disinterest from my younger days when I hunted places that were too hard from me. I could not offer any productive value besides the occasional tag, but I think as I abuse KI and Valley it will become more attractive around 5th or 6th circle. I enjoyed the new scenery the most.



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