Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Whole Lot of Something.

Ok. My mood is right and the timing is good. It is a perfect moment for a rather large journal entry with a lot of small stuff, but nothing too extraordinary. If you have seen me these last few days you must have known my woes and suffering as I could not leave the town center. Even during that time I would still pass out for unknown time periods making it nearly impossible or dangerous to do any on my usual KI/MI/Valley hunts. So here it is, life of the Warrior Thoom, stuck in the tc and my recovery.

What happens in TC these days? Well, I got a first hand account of many exciting events that will make some of you rank hunters or explorers jealous (or not.) My first exciting encounter was a small concert performed by the bards Samwise and Xepel. They played solo and duets to entertain the small crowd of locals. Their music covered a wide variety of moods and styles and I could still hear the songs when I passed out! I love bards (almost as much as SAS).

OK, later I traveled to Noids to help in a noob hunt. I arrived and broke my chain... losing both metals! I tried to stay and help, but passed out not much longer after this sketch was taken. I didn't fall because I am pretty dang good, even when I pass out. Later three champions gathered in TC with their fancy lava-cloaks and started to burn each other on my command. It was a impressive show and warmed my chilled hands.

Also, I went to Kalian's tree home to look at fancy clothes. I was impressed by the trophies and style of the place. Unfortunately, I didn't get a full walk through of the home or examination of his rare clothes as I passed out on his floor. Later when I woke I accused Kalian of drugging me and he said he told me not to eat a specific mushroom. I thought about charging him in court, well, not really but I did think about inquiring with a mystic or healer to why I was passing out, but I was lazy and passed out in the library instead.

And then it happened, I still pass out but my recovery is nearly instant. Being in such a good mood I headed with others to Melabrion's Isle. Instead of the crew of 7th-8th circle fighters to kill quickly, it was only Samwise and I to kill, two 4th circle fighters and talented healers to help. I still don't hit SAS great, but we did well for our group and had no problem killing 8+ SAS before leaving.

Now, inspired by MI I decided to host a hunt: the Noob Noid Hunt, sponsored by Fenix Fire and Clan Destine. Fellow healer, Han and C.destine healer, Creed came and I bricked for Bleign and Zifer. It was successful for those innocent young ones with plenty of vanquishes for both. We finished with the Savannah Mines where Zifer got good experience from the large undine gathered to protect the location of the Bloodbladers.


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