Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mud Golem's

Today's highlight hunt was MI Castle and the vanquishing of many Mud Golem's. Our group was at a good level in strength to hunt these creatures. No one was so strong enough that it became boring and that keep us fighters on edge and at our best. With that stated it also must be said that we were a little less cautious because of the skilled healers Lorikeet and Sauron that were able enough to raise any of the fallens.

Thorgal, a Zo-Fighter purchased a ruby-ring during this event , and I learned such a item was a required ingredient for a shield-stone. A successful hunt with more experience than coin. In other news I have switched to Swengus training for the moment to improve upon my balance. I do not have my training planned for the long-term future but I know I will be returning to Evus to work on the ledger!

And the saddest news of the day is that I shall not return from my studies for one zodiac. Such is the way of things.

My Goals: Obtain a Great Sword, Great Axe, 2 Chains, 3 Lila and 3 Orga Berries, Pass 4th Circle, Evus Ledger, Darkus Ledger, Swengus Ledger, Join or Start a Clan or Group, and to get strong, really strong!


Monday, July 23, 2007

1000 Evus!

Today is the day. A great achievement in Thoom-Kind. I, Eden, have reached my goal of 1000 Evus. Along this vast a long journey I have never switched trainers. I have remained true to my thoomyness. And as such through a simple experiment I bring the figures of my training:

1000 Evus.

250 Atkus
350 Balthus
150 Darkus
50 Detha
200 Histia
250 Regia
550 Swengus


Island Panthers and Scarmis

The Island Panther's were clever this morning. From the picture coins looked plentiful, but they were spread between all participating exiles. The attacks were a spark of excitement in the otherwise boring events that occur in the town center. I left after the 5th wave to hunt with a fine group at MI and Scarmis. The Island Panther's continued on, but other skilled exiles and Rangers were there to end any danger.

MI was a short hunt like usual. This island is perhaps the most over hunted spot of the isles. Its easy access, short snells, and good coin/experience mean often running into other hunting groups. It is a prime spot in this period of my training. I have yet to experience the rare AMS though.

Scarmis was another spot on this hunt and ended in failure south of the Queen's Chamber. Trapped and surrounded the group had fallen and a ss message was sent prior to the falling of the last standing saying we were in the Queen's Chamber. As suspected, no one was interested in the probability of departure for our rescue. Nonetheless our location was soon determined and our group was rescued by PAG as they made quick work of the Scarmis.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Evus, 4th Circle, and More

The fight continues as I dance my way to 1000 Evus ranks. I have learned much from Evus and now, under the guidance of master fighter Natas, I am closing in on the 1000 mark.

In other important Puddleby News, I have completed the Island Panther, Feral, and Large Vermine quests in a single day and all on first attempts. I was rewarded with nearly 3 ranks and 400 coins. The day was spent with many quality individuals at MI, KI, and Jades.

For the unaware, I have trained over 900 ranks Evus without break. And as I near the capstone in training, the passage to 4th circle approaches quickly! And I look forward to the black-belt earned.

Now I must ask the question: Why, why does the great-sword cost so much? I cannot give an answer, but if you read this and have one for sale, sunstone me in the isles.