Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ethereal Plane and Darshak.

A nice hunt on Tenebrion's Isle or Venables Isle? No more snail races with hardcore Darshak patrolling the forest. We successfully made it to the outpost. This hunt was organized by Puddleby's Sheriff, Noivad. 

A impressive Champion ability saves Manquilor at the last moment.

Darshak in the Ethereal Plane. Not good, not at all.

The organizer of the trip, Asenath, was investigating the unusual activity that was happening to the Ethereal Amulets.  

North-East of Natas is the source of the deadly lightning. Twice the creature almost felled all the party, except for some hardy individuals like Lorikeet.


Hah, I have been lazy... Almost no hunts in two Zodiacs! Soon to be three. But I am finally training Natas-Detha! I was doing Regia for too long. I have tunnel vision for the 6th circle. Soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Drunken Darshak!

All seemed well in the Town Center this morning. There was quite a lot of discussion of training and which profession a new exile should choose, but all this good time was soon ended. A small force of drunken Darshak attacked we exiles. We were heavily outnumbered, but in their drunkenness, numbers counted for nothing. I thought this drunken lot would be interested in our renown and famous Brew Hut. But to my knowledge they didn't enter or steal any of the beer or ales. 

After we killed them their suspected leader, Penn Venables gave us the similar warning to the one found on the dock, "Stay away from Venables Island!" He was taunted by exiles, but had no response. Though our force was somewhat underpowered we raced to Venables Isle after we saw a parrot fly over our heads at town! Even an Agratis joined in on this foray. Our group was very quickly overrun by a single darshak on South Vena's! 

Soon afterward I saw the parrot fly off to the north-west, presumably in the direction of the new Darshak outpost. But our group was unable to pursue and from the west coast we saw a lot of upper tier 'shakies. A good challenge for a worthy group and possibly a new message held by a parrot.


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Monday, May 5, 2008

No Healer, No Problem.

Melabrion's Isle, the northern part at least, is about conveniences. I like to think sometimes and when I did today, this was my thought, 'where can I learn from hunting, be accessible, and have high survival odds if things turn sour?' That place be Melabrion's. Sketched above in full glory are a couple fighters plus a single warrior, Thoom! There we were on the precipice of doom and falling! It was a beautiful thing to survive. Alas, we soon found ourselves on the great sea with two darshak ships on the hunt. And what did we do? We abandoned all reason and engaged in honorable sea combat. Both ships destroyed and curiously, only one in our group fallen (a Zo). That is all. LEG is coming up soon! Prepare yourselves! 


Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Harbinger Hole and Auction House.

Note the lack of items available at the auction house?! These auctioneers risk losing their employment, please auction your items!

In the latest news, the "harbinger" hole that was "covered" (*cough* *cough*) appears to be getting progressively worse. It's possible that the tree planted nearby could be the cause of the cracking, but the whole repair was quite amateur and in my opinion, a short term solution. What were the dwarves thinking?!


Friday, May 2, 2008

What is becoming of TI?

It has been along time since I visited Tenebrion's Island. Our purpose on the island was to test our fighting skills with some of the toughest Darshak, at their outpost and near Tenebrion's Keep. The outpost is relatively new, and the only place I know of that is home to Darshak besides Ash Island. The outpost was built along the western beach of TI and it has frequent patrols from Warships, while some of the strongest in the Darshak ranks guard the outpost and docked ships.

The Annulus, the hole into the Ethereal Plane near Tenebrion's Keep is trouble. We could only get 2 snells near the hole with our group, and we still fought some of the toughest ethereal beasts known. I think I would like to further investigate the "hole" that leads to the Annulus, maybe I will organize something for it? I wonder also if the rest of the island has been explored to confirm that the Darshak are only located near the Hole and the Outpost?
The Ethereal Scarmis Warrior.

The Outpost on the Western Side.

Surprising good ship builders, the Darshak.

Under a building are the supplies and manuals for Kyuem construction.