Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Incursion

I participated in the successful incursion the past day. This was my first incursion experience and I was exhausted prior to the beginning, but still stuck through until the positive finale. Legendary exile Vagile showed up to assist and hit things. She sang her famous song "Living Well in Puddleby" and did some dirty dancing as one can confirm by looking at the sketch.

The ethereal creatures came at the exiles in great waves. Their numbers were weak until the Kyuem was placed. After that there was probably three to five times when a substantial number of fighters were fallen. During the healing it was 'hinted' by a couple to hurry as time was a concern. This was a new challenge for me. I have never had a challenge beyond the animal quests that had a time frame. We were strong exiles though and we succeeded.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Departure #1.

I think it is funny how these things can work out. There I was, the last snell of KI and I pass out. I think with better planning and if I unequipped my great-sword I would have been able to dodge the numerous deadly crawlers, boloks, and large sand wurms upon my return. I think the most amusing portion is being on the last snell before the exit. Eventually I was teleported to the KI caves where I decided to depart. Why wait for a rescue when I could make more ranks hunting with a group to get to where I was fallen?


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wyrms, Toks, and Vanqs.

I try and keep my entries fresh, but it is a hard thing to do. Some days are ordinary and I hunt with the same people at the same locals. There is usually something worth writing in one of those hunts. However, I do not want to make five entries on MI or KI, et cetra. Anyway, today I write about my experience at the Earth Wyrm caves on Gunga Island and Tok'han Lairs on Melabrion's Island.

From the sketch one can see the number of legendary exiles on the hunt. It was a serious hunt for me and required me to be on my best behavior. I do jest, but I try to keep it at a minimum on such hunts. It was my first time here and I reasoned that I was successful. I did not fall nor did any of the others.

Even though I lacked the required Atkus to hit Earth Wyrm's I managed to tag a good number of them through what others call Luck. I like to think somewhere in my Thoomish body is the locked power of the Mystics, and that when in need, I can summon that power to my aid. Yep, others call that luck... I call it skill.

Soon after we went deep into the Tok'han Lairs. It was here I realized the woes of the upper class. To get one vanquish required a collective effort and time that was painful for me to witness. In my current state I can pop out vanquishes by the handful and barrel-load with the right team and on almost any of the isles. I learned more and explored more. It was fun.


Monday, August 27, 2007

Lyfe Sucks.

The Good: I purchased a new weapon: The Great-Sword! I am impressed by its Atkus and Darkus. It is good to put the Dagger away. It was well worth the 9.6k purchase price.

The Bad: It brought my 4 swings to around 3.3 swings and it also slowed my balance regain.

The Ugly: I was lyfed! But this was to be expected as I was falling to Lyfes over my multiple trips to the KI interior. It was a fun hunt and we had a mood that I call jestful. We were also quite productive and needed little breaks during the warring and killing.


KI and Vermine.

I completed the KI Quest today. I think that is a minor accomplishment compared to my thoomish ability to ward off the Lyfe Disease after falling to so many lyfe's without a Catsbane Necklace. I was unaware of the KI Quest until I completed it, but it included entering KI from the south and leaving from the north while gathering the materials to construct a boat. I saw a lot more of KI today and concluded I will hunt there much more in my future..

Shortly after the KI Quest a series of earth quakes moved Puddleby Island. The shaking caused a wide variety of vermine to leave their nesting sites and fill the streets of TC. It also raised questions of hygiene and the quality of living in the TC.

Highlights: A number of Large Death Vermine selectively targeted the weak. The exiles had a cache of healers ready in the libraries and Rangers for quick disposal of the "junk" that filled TC. The Champion, Groniad Diuberr used her Lava Cloak to burn everything surrounding her. It was a impressive display and the infestation was ended in a short time.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two Days, Two Clans

Yesterday I brought you Pink Squad. Today, I bring you Fenix Fire! This story requires a little background. So, I usually hunt with the same crew of people and through hunts I have become friends with many. Anyway, when I talk ranks and circles there are a couple people I know who share similar interests. These individuals are also of similar level in skills and strength.

And so this Warrior Thoom got invited to be part of the formation of a clan. We searched for many names both serious and ridiculous that would "fit" us. A long story made short: We agreed upon the name, Fenix Fire. And so four Zo's and one Warrior Thoom created a clan. I will place my future thoughts for Fenix Fire on a separate scroll. It can be found here: Fenix Fire.

In other important news I will be in the library for an extended-stay. One should not expect anything new on my scrolls for at least a week. And here again are some random sketches...


Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun Stuff and Pink Squad.

I could have written this entry on the awesome attack on the Scarmis Queen Chamber or the heroic Orga Camp V rescue, but instead I thoomed and wrote this:

A new clan was formed today: Pink Squad! And I got all the gossip and news about this clan from two of their founders, Moonlight and Lizz'ii.

Who are the members?
Doctor Dragon, Mysti, BurgerKing, Grump'ii, Moonlight and Lizz'ii.

What is the purpose of Pink Squad?
To have fun and be pink!

Why Pink?! Not blue or yellow?
To be pink! cause it's the best.
Well.... PINK is awesome!
Yellow Squad?

What about your interest in pink rugs?
Doesn't sound quite right!

Are your planning to break the house fire regulations?
Pink Rugs! They're for our Clan House!

Too many rugs in a home is a fire hazard.
Well, our clan house must be pink if we are.

Is the house complete?
It's not done yet!

Do all clan members have to be pink?
No, they don't have to be, but it's strongly advised.

There you have it, the exclusive interview with Pink Squad. May they have much success in all their endeavors.

Here are some random sketches for your enjoyment:


Sunday, August 19, 2007

Exploration: Metz and KI

A summary of today's hunting: 13 ranks and 1800 coins. I think these numbers represent the highest ideal of what it means to be productive. Ok, to the story...

Yes, these places are not really new and have been explored by much better exiles than I, but there is still something great about stepping foot and shedding blood on places that I have never been. Now, the time I spent on each isle did not allow a true understanding of the size and depth of what they offer, but it was like a tiny treat. I definately will see all the snells and animals of these places when I am stronger!

For myself, Metz redefined what "hard" was. And on KI I learned what it means to coin-hunt (And towards the end I learned how valuable a Catsbane Necklace is. No, no one got lyfed, but I credit that to the talented healers who prevented myself from falling multiple times and the fast reactions from fighter Mujin-kun). For the unexplored, our group was producing an estimated 2000 coins per hour. Imagine the coins made by strong groups...

After hunting these places I am motivated to work harder and get stronger. During the KI hunt I attempted to Thoom-Summon a Albino-Maha, but failed. If you have a albino shirt (undyed/unbleached) for sale or pelt I am interested.


(PS- Now anyone can leave a comment. One does not have to be a member).

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hunting the Sasquatch Valley.

The valley was successfully hunted today. This was a hunt in which we cleared it from end-to-end, twice. The most important thing that happened from this hunt was the doubling of my income. The full group is visible in the sketch battling a AMS. Mujin-kun's great strength was the largest help during this trip. Never before have I helped take down an AMS so easily (though this was only my second time fighting an AMS). A successful hunt in experience too and a good change of pace from the Mi-Ki hunts I usually participate in.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Round 2

I missed the second round of the invasion in Puddleby but I was there for the attack on Ash Island. Sometimes a sketch is worth a thousand words. I will leave it to the sketch to tell how successful the initial attack on the horde was. This is breaking news and the story is being updated as I am fallen for long periods of time.

Update: Eventually the exiles proved successful. The leader on the enemy side was an individual called Necro. The exiles were unable to find his location before he left. What is the purpose of this long chain of events that have left a mass of undine and darshak dead? I think the purpose will soon reveal itself.


The Rear Admiral's Velvet Hat.

I came outside of the library and began to trade words with my Zo friends, but something was amiss. A cloaked figure ran from behind the temple with his blade unsheathed, but being the Warrior Thoom, I easily dodged the feeble attempt on my life and killed the cloaked man, a Darshak Spy! Quickly the Zo fighters, Bach and Thorgal reasoned that a spy was the first link in a longer series of events that is an invasion, smart Zo's.

We rushed with other exiles to the docks. The resistance was weak, the Darshak reeked of old alcohol, they were drunk. Every last one of them. The ocean turned red and swelled in Darshak blood. It seemed like it would be a easy victory for the exiles. Then a Darshak Admiral arrived. Shortly after his death three more appeared. The Admiral's were tough enough, but then came Rear-Admiral's. One perished, but the other was very powerful.

The battle raged on and both sides faced losses. The Rear-Admiral that was in command gave demands for a hat. The Rear-Admiral was tricked by a exile and lured into the town zoo where it was thought he would not be a threat. But from here he commanded his elite fighters. This was one Darshak that truly loved his velvet hat, more so than the lives of hundreds of Darshak. The exiles were warned. The Rear-Admiral whistled and his elite forces arrived. Fighters so strong that at one point only four or five on our side remained alive and in the libraries healing and chaining. The Darshak planted poppy at the entrances of both libraries, slowing all but a select few exiles.

Chains broke and many exiles cursed the gods and left the fight. This Warrior Thoom needed to take a couple of breaks during the chaos which followed. A list of Darshak that invaded includes: Admiral, Blade, Brute, Carouser, Defender, Drunk Acolyte, Drunk Captain, Drunk Sentry, Drunk Priest, Guard, Guardian, Harrier, Liche, Marauder, Marine, Mercenary, Pillager, Raider, Ravager, Rear Admiral, Sailor, Scout, Sentry, Skirmisher, Spy, Thug, Veteran, and Warrior. Assisting the Darshak were Necromancers who continued to summon the undine.

Eventually older and stronger exiles became distracted by the noise and left their studies to fight. The battle raged for hours. The exiles regained control of town-center then west-town. The beaches were filled with Darshak and many exiles fell, some departed. With a true effort the collective semi-organized force of Puddleby killed the main Darshak forces. Their boats still remain at the docks... their numbers are surely weakened.

When the battle ended the Rear Admiral was found and confronted. He was strong and the exiles killed him from what appeared a incredible number of luck hits. My trainer, Natas, chained his corpse, got him stuffed, and added him to his great trophy collection.


(The Rear-Admiral trophy is above Sythe.)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Walking Fish and Angry Mothers

It began with the hunt to MI. It was to be swift and good as I hunted with four Zo fighters. And as Zo tactics work, the group became split when we landed on the beach. Two went to the north pass (Bach and Gremlins) and the rest remained on the beach examining the Mega-Mouth that was beached in sand. In our shock we did not notice that one of our companions had fallen to a Valley Panther. The fallen was chained town-center and with their return came Janus.

Now the hunt began, I thought. Four Zo Fighters, One Warrior Thoom, and One expert Sylvan Healer. This would be easy and so I thoomed. Once again Zo battle tactics were used. Instead of the common lure, it was charge and swing weapons blindly, aiming at all life. We made it only a few yards before the Angry Mother Sas was recognized. Janus, visibly shaken did what all healers do, took the leadership position of the hunt.

The tactics were now planned and I nodded confirming my strength as a warrior and confidence that I alone could probably confront and finish the AMS. We surrounded and we pounded and most of us wiffed. Bach fell and I lured the beast away. Unfortunately, Bach received further damage from wendy's throwing rocks. As one can confirm in this sketch I nearly finished the AMS, but decided to wait for the others to get in their tags...

The 2nd surround-and-pound was a success and the great AMS perished. We swiftly brought Bach to get healed in town. After these amazing events I was convinced that many great foes would be waiting for us in the MI passes. The grand finale was the anti-climax. One valley panther was all that survived. It was a surprise. Alas we did not dwell on it too long and we soon had another plan (with the help of Janus and his quick mind). KI!

The first attack of KI took place at FA. Here with the help of fours Zo's and their famed Zo Darkus I did my trademarked one-hit-tags and watched as they smashed beetles. There were plenty of beetles to be had. The experience was good and we had a skilled tooth-puller for the great coins (I think it was Janus but do not recall).

Next we defeated all life forms at the KI Cove. Kani joined the fight and this hunt was to the point. We destroyed many beetles and lyfe. I've seen better animals here, but today it was quite a low-volume stroll through the caves and snow. The hunt ended and exiles went their ways. In town center I was challenged to a duel by Bach. His Darkus defeated me quite easily. However, I challenged Gremlins to a duel and by looking at the sketches it can be seen that we are an equal match at the moment. His Darkus training matched my Evus training.


The Clean-Up Crew

During my studies I missed an invasion of slime, but I was invited into the clean-up crew upon my arrival. The few slime that escaped the exiles during the invasion hid among the trees of east forest. Their slimy, wet trails layered the forest floor. Success did not come quickly for us. We lured too many slimes at first and all but this warrior thoom fell to their attacks.

Thankfully, exiles Blackhole and Alexia arrived as I was dancing and dodging slime around the east-field gate pf on red health. The fallen were quickly raised for the 2nd attempt which proved successful. A few walking trees were among the slime, but are not pictured. Passage through the east-field and east-forest should now be that much safer for traveling exiles.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


When I arrived from my studies I recieved thoughts of activity on the docks of Western Puddleby. I arrived to find a serious fallen and the long-boats of the cowardly Darshak whom refused to land on the beaches (probably fearing a swift death upon my blade).

This event proved fruitless as nothing seemed to tempt the Darshak to land, while the continued to launch cannons toward those who dared ventured close enough.

Soon after I embarked upon a quest to help a female fighter in the killing of Night Wendy's. We searched the northern mountain passes and eventually settled for the Greymyr passes. This quest failed as we found more Greymyr than Wendy's. It was productive, but a couple of falls from rocks allowed Chance to only kill one half of the requirement.

In personal training news I switched from training Swengus to Regia with Natas as my instructor.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

MI Hunt in Record Time!

This is a sketch-less journal entry, sorry. Today I hunted MI and Golems with Xaerus, Naal, Icy, Daimoth and Kerrah. We cleared Golems in the castle in under 15 minutes. I say we, but mean them. I tagged and whiffed, but only fell once. It was a solid pace and probably most productive hunt I have been on. That is a double-edged sword though. The experience in learning was good for me, but I doubt they achieved as many vanquishes or kills, if at all. It was a hunting pace I was unaccustomed to, but oh so good.


Saturday, August 4, 2007

Orga Invade!

The Orga were causing problems again. Lightning and tough warriors were out in a failed invasion to attack the town center. On the front, exiles invaded the Orga Camp. The Orga summoned lightning, causing many serious fallens. This required the talent of many healers to raise the injured and fallen.

The battle continued deep into The Orga Outback. Thanks to the ability of many older exiles the "mob" found its way quickly to the Grotto, Camp V, and Further. A few became confused on directions and were rescued by those familiar with the confusing snell's. The hardest Orga I tagged was a Orga Malice. It was very successful. Many very strong individuals were in the group and even the hardest of the enemy fell too easy for my liking.

Because of the skill of the mob, this defensive maneuver by the fighters, healers, and mystics was short lasted, but extremely successful in showing the power of a slightly unorganized but strong group (ie. A Mob).


Friday, August 3, 2007


I arrived out of my studies and heard a distress thought that can be summarized as this: East-Field, Trapped, Darshak. My response was action. With my blade polished, I and others went to the scene to kill. The Thugs had gathered around what they thought would be a easy and defenseless healer. The picked the wrong healer... one does not mess with the Zo healer, Arbitur!

The Thugs fell like leaves in Fall. What was their motive? Spying? Anarchy? Money? I know not. One must take caution around mobs such as this. Had it been a lesser individual than Arbitur... things may have turned into disaster.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cloud and Natas!

Today I gained access to Cloud thanks to the drive and determination of the Journeyman Mystic, MaryJane. She and others moved portal through south-forest to the mirror. I came at the end for access and helped transfer the portal back to its proper location in south-town.

Also of much importance was Natas accepting me as his student in the field of Swengus. I grew strong under his guidance with his improved version of Evus training. I look forward to growing stronger!


The Great Hunt

I was out with the crew again. The crew is the usual individuals. It seems that all my hunts take place with one or two member of the crew. I consider everyone I hunt with a member of this crew. It continually grows.

That was off topic but now to the great hunt!

The crew decided to hunt Scarmis. It was not a success in my mind. It began with three fallens (me included) and one trapped Zo warrior (Hunk) trapped but still healthy in the pit. The second attempt lasted minutes longer, but the result was no more impressive than the first. Even with zu precisely planted it was almost disaster.

It was at this point, when healing outside of the "rock" zone that a second hunting option presented itself. Camp Dred. The crew (Lorikeet, Gremlins, Hunk, Hajat, and Me) became two more with the danceful warrior Zo, Ogant, who had a Ranger goal of hitting Large Death Vermine (LDV) last and the famed healer, Arbitur.

This hunt was successful in ranks, coins, and efficiency. Ogant, who mostly sat around even got a nice LDV spawn in the end to help on his journey as a Ranger. The hunt gave me two ranks of Swengus and many coins. This was a great hunt.

And in the end a mighty spawn of orga appeared. They summoned lightning and some of their most powerful warriors in hot pursuit of our noble group.

As the readers of this can tell by the picture, I survived while the other fighters had to be chained. Such is the life of a Warrior Thoom.