Saturday, September 29, 2007

Metz gets Crazy.

Initially I planned to write this about my return to hunting the Sasquatch Valley and Melabrion's Isle, but something else began as the group was finishing Mud Golem's. I first tuned in on my sunstone as Daimoth was tempting exiles of promises of snow and "new" animals at the Metz Cove. I played it false for a while but soon confirmed the events with one of my trainers, Natas.

As Mud Golem's ended I was excited to join in on the foray. I raided the beach to find Yorilla's and other creatures of all shapes and sizes that I did not know the names of. I remember at one point a substantial number of Valley Panthers attacked the exiles, but were dispatched by very strong exiles in the speed and difficulty in which I compare me versus island panthers. Haha. I didn't even have time to wiff on a VP before they fell.

New to me but to no one else was a Yorilla that could shake the ground on which we fought. I basically tagged some crap a couple of times and fell even more. There were multiple retreats to the water and two times a Nakika appeared. It was too hard for me to fight and Natas quickly chained the first one killed, adding it to his trophy collection. He purchased a new and larger home for the collection. I will get some sketches of those soon.

Also impressive to me was the Champion, Garr, who did some great demonstrations of the Stone Girdle and Lava Cloak (Do any other Champions train these things?) During the retreat times some tension was visible between the upper class concerning the most effective and productive method to handle the situation. Maybe I am young, but I tend to prefer the famous Zo Charge tactic... I kept my mouth shut. When all was said and done I left and vowed to the others that I would return to assist when I passed 3 more fighter circle tests.

I still hate Metz.


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R/M said...

Thoom, Eden,

I always enjoy your journal, but the last couple of entries were particularly good. :-) I hate Metz, too. Like you, I feel like I should stay away until I pass a couple more levels!

Keep Thooming!