Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ethereal Plane Rescue Failure.

After making the final edits on my autobiography, "The Legendary Warrior Thoom" (Now available in the expensive library), I headed into the town center where I was informed my fellow Fenix Fire clan fighter, Thorgal was fallen in the EP. He had joined the motley party of dwarf's known as Purple Haze, whom tempted his simple Zo mind to the dark reaches of the Ether. I like to think that, but in truth the party was after the forge and was overwhelmed in that near material-less plane.

The rescue party recruiting was already under way by Phroon, I joined them on CI. We left that place of safety with five healers and seven fighters, a very good ratio I thought. I have been to the Ethereal Plane before and the experience was never too dangerous, so I was content at this point. By looking at the sketch it should be easy to interpret our success. At first all was well and I helped kill some Ethereal Stalkers. It got hard and it got hard fast. We were falling, one down, two down, three, four, five. I quickly chained some of my comrades, but the enemies were too vast. We became unorganized and I knew of no escape I could find myself. Minutes later all twelve of us were fallen.

Most of us departed, a collective 8-15 exiles. This marked my second depart ever. Every depart teaches me a lesson. What that lesson is I will not reveal here. Shortly after, I hunted Melabrion's Isle and Ash Isle and I am back on track for learning my lessons. As I finished writing this a successful series of rescues of the EP were underway.


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