Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LEG Trip 8 Report!

Either laugh or become really, really pissed? We chose the first.

The best advice is given after it's needed.

2 hours later! Huzzah! Progress! LOL!

Yep, right, absolutely, you know it, for sure, you bet, definitely , all right, uh-huh!

Ask me about LEG trip 8, and I shall swiftly reply: No comment. That's not important though, what matters is this super amazing trip 9 proposal, which involves two groups: LEG and Ethereal Plane Group (EPG) or whatever they want to call themselves. It will work like this: LEG group activates Kyuem in Lugu's Keep, and the other group goes into Ethereal Plane and places and activates a Kyuem where the LEG Kyuem leads. 


Back to KI.

It has been many moons since I last fought the good fight at KI. The hunt went smooth with very little mishaps. For being such a long time I was proud that I fell but few number of times in that 2+ hour excursion. Not pictured are Mujin-kun, Talin, Tip'ii, and Lorn Saken. And I guess it looks like I am back on track for rank-hunting once more. 


Lugubrion's Keep Mapped.

The mystical Thoom, Salandra has produced a fine map of Lugubrion's Keep. It will find a home someday (soon?) to a map scroll. Be sure to give your thanks to Salandra when you see her in the lands.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Save Stora Soon (SSS).

Today was a historical event, maybe one of the most significant happenings in all of Puddleby History. The group, Save Stora Soon (SSS) was spontaneously formed and had a successful trip 1. Group members include: Eden, the Warrior Thoom and ShadowD, SSS healer and professional chainer. Through a system of elaborate mirrors and pulleys the group Save Stora Soon could see the precise location of Stora in the Dark Temple, who was presumed darkstoned into a undine before falling, as witnessed via the mirrors and pulleys by SSS leader, Eden. Trip 1 was an astounding victory.


/End Sarcasm 

Friday, April 25, 2008

MI and 6th Circle Test.

I have been studying a long time as most of you realize in my absence in Puddleby, but I am making my come back. I have been using this blog for a lot of Lugubrion Exploration Group reports, but now think I will start using it for regular and random daily events, which keep me entertained. 

This morning I hunted MI for the first time in weeks with Natas and Han. My balance is quite appalling and I have been working on it for months now. Natas is teaching me Regia and as for the 6th circle test... I will pass it someday.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LEG Trip 6 Report

Success? Minutes after this sketch, Phroon confirmed the the Kyuem we placed went dull. Shown above is the second crew that fought a rough battle in the western keep.

Thoom Power!

The first crew, including the reclusive Cody. 12 strong.

The report: We are unsure at this point whether or not this was a successful trip. In regards to our fighting tactics in the western keep it's certainly the best achievement we have had in that arena. But our goal of placing and activating a Kyuem at first seemed successful and was later reported by Phroon that the Kyuem went dull, thereby hindering our efforts of reaching the Keep via Ethereal Plane (which meant all exiles regardless of race could have come). 

The Kyuem was placed by Drablak and manually fed ethercles. It took 15 ethercles, roughly, to activate it, and included a second trip through the western section which was well fought and hard earned. We were unsuccessful with all attempted Sarir communications and do not know the results of our effort? So... successful or not, I think we will find out in time and we may have another trip to investigate this.

The turnout of Thoom was great and we are getting really good at clearing and taking back the western-section of the keep. Good work to all those that participated, and to all the other exiles that donated ethercles or gave knowledge to the endeavor, thank you.