Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Harbinger.

I came out of the library this morning, after quite a long time of studying to find a vermine attack taking place in the east-northern farm. I did not witness the beginning but when I arrived the large death vermine were on the assault and to my surprise, they were very well coordinated. For example, they swarmed and attacked in a large collective group and would surround the fallen exiles, not even attacking other full health exiles standing nearby.

With the recent harbinger events I question the relation of this attack to the harbingers. I checked the ruin (?) in east field after the attack and the countdown nears the end of its cycle. I only wonder if the countdown with be one more or all six. I was told before the attack the ruin read ::... perhaps we now approach the end.

Anyway, I still exist and have been very busy, but foresee my return to my old self after a decent break.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Noobs at Noids

Not pictured in the above sketch is the smiling and really, really good looking fighter and bard, Measle. Anyway, on this day Fenix Fire offered its services to the often bored younger population of Puddleby. It began with Gremlins, Fafnir, and Myself, but quickly expanded and grew in sizes as new exiles from all the libraries overheard our highly publicized hunt through the sunstone network.

It was a great success and the day was hard fought, but thankfully those weak in Atkus had significant boosts by the cloaked mystic, Muwe. His service helped move things along when we fought what some of the newer exiles called, "Orange Noids" (pictured above). We discussed the possible name selection further on such as tangerine and flame. This hunt was made all the better by those who came along with their teeth pullers.

And in the end it was a good way for me to get out of the library for a while, where I have been stuck reading many classic Puddleby volumes and approaching bankruptcy. I remember on my homeland libraries being a free service. It is a hard life when all my income goes for book rent.

I have now become called by some, Lazy Thoom. So maybe I am now the Lazy Warrior Thoom, I admit the lack of journal entries is the effect of being so lazy (too many books) and not being able to do those long hunts even when I do leave the library. I foresee not being invited for hunts if my behavior continues. I also think that in the certain future I plan on returning to myself.