Monday, September 3, 2007

Unbearable Confidence.

My confidence as a Warrior Thoom is like a double-bladed sword. Take for instance a recent Greater Death (GD) fiercely guarding the Dark Tower on Ash Isle. I was instantly informed by Yotaro of the GD when I left my studies. I thoomed at the thought of a sketch of me destroying the red-eyed skull. What followed is in the sketches below.

We had many unsuccessful attempts that resulted in fallen exiles. At one time the majority of the exiles returned to town center in defeat. Alas I was not one of them and Brune heard the GD whisper: "sisisssissiessss." This seemed to inspire all and the defeated returned, with them.. the big-guns (ie. Natas, Mujin-Kun, DeathLord, and Cecil). Basically, people that could hit and kill the GD! It was ended on their first attempt and in true style and fashion.


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