Sunday, September 30, 2007

Valley and Jade Noids.

In my previous entry I briefly mentioned my return to the Sasquatch Valley. I really enjoy the hunts there because of the location and the quality of hunting. The spawns can be fun as shown in this sketch I made of 18 Young Sasquatch that came out to play. I tried to think of something clever to write, but that is all I got! This is kind of a excuse to post random sketches... Oh, I almost fell when I got this sketch. It would've been worth it though.

I have helped in a Jade Noids hunt that was created by the Ranger, Donk. He is going for the morph and is usually recruiting for these hunts when he is not studying. This was a great hunt that started with a lot of fighters and only two healers. By the time it was done the group had gained and lost probably around 10-15 exiles. I stayed because I liked the ranks. Eventually we became too confident and a rather nasty spawn felled all of us. Luckily, Mujin-kun and Nyla were available and a full rescue with them and others created the fastest rescue of Jade's that I have ever witnessed.

And here are the sketches I promised of Natas' new tree-trophy house. Let us hope that town is never invaded by his collection of trophies. I think the house looks much better than his previous and it has a lot of room to be filled by the most vile and challenging animals of our isle chain.


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