Monday, October 29, 2007



A Feast of Tsrrin Story:

It is told that once, Umbrionn (the Hawk) arrived on the shores of a distant land. At this land there was a great war and feud that had lasted a thousand years. Umbrionn causally walked to the great and barren valley where the war was being fought. The soil was scorched and the sand bloody for here this war was fought for its thousand years. Umbrionn left the next night, the appointed king of this land with its people now united in peace.

It is told that once, Helios (the Owl) did not move for two hundred years. During this time a young farmer girl was born. She passed Helios under his tree everyday. When she grew older and became curious she asked him, "What are you doing?" With the brim of the hat over his face and without pause he replied, "Waiting." Because he had been in the same spot for over a hundred years the grass and brush had grown around him, making him hidden to all those that passed. And one day the little girl had grown into a woman, pregnant with child. As she passed by his tree a group of bandits intent on murder approached the woman. It was now that Helios stood and lifted the brim of his hat to meet the bandits with his eyes. His gaze was so determined that it is said it killed the bandits instantly. Helios began walking down the road. The woman asked, "What are you doing?" With a slight nod from the brim of his hat he replied without pause, "Leaving." The woman would soon give birth to a boy who would become a man, and this man would destroy a empire and set the world free.

It is told that once, Eden (The Dove) could defeat any opponent that stood before her. She would walk from village to village, city to city, country to country, her hands clasped behind her back. Sword, spear, arrow, or knife, it didn't matter. Always would Eden be victorious. One day, after years of this behavior she saw a beggar girl in the street with a book held in her tiny and dirty hands and Eden said to her, "Be proud, you possess the greatest weapon ever made." The beggar girl stood up that day and it took her years to learn, but this girl did learn to be proud and strong. And this girl would become a woman who would write a book titled, "Life."

It is told that once, Arbitur (The Raven) stood before the tallest mountain in the world. He asked a villager, "What is on the other side of this mountain?" The villager smirked, "No one knows for no man will over pass over it." This is the last time Arbitur asked anyone a question. It was here some say that he grew black wings and flew over its peak. Others say that he said to the mountain, "Move" and it obeyed. Only one thing is known for sure and that is that Arbitur continued to do what others said no man could.


Angry Mama's and Camp Dred.

I forgot my sketch book on these two remarkable hunts and will recount the details through my mastery of the written word.

It was a early morning and the soft waves of Melebrion's isle became attacked by a small fleet of vessels from the Puddleby isle. We landed on the sweet sand and engaged the local wendy population with technical combat. The beach was cleared and we entered the passes (aka- the narrows).

Here, wave after wave of elder wendy's tossed heavy and sharp chucks of limestones upon our bodies. We are strong though and me, I did what I always do, I thoomed. We killed swiftly and gracefully. Further on we pressed. Young sasquatch and two angry mothers! The feast of tsrrin produced many fine ape species. The victory was ours and the day was o' so young...

Distress I sensed from the worn stone in my hand. It has seen many thoughts and throughout the countless wars and battles has earned a ripture on the surface the length of a whisker. The sunstone remains fragile yet dependable. I place it in my pack and enter into the portal. My body tingles as my person and mind are transported to Camp Dred. I land hard and injure a knee. I am healed. I enter with the team. Instantly red lightning cracks through the humid air and one of us is down. Large Death Vermine surround us, summoned by their master the Orga Hatred.

The Hatred has a dark eye that knows only death and murder. He guards a fallen and we engage. Blood spatters and bones crack. We retreat. Again we press on and take out the other weak orga. The Hatred, he is strong. We weaken him and then kill. Healers cannot heal exhaustion though, nor the mental capacity of the team. We rescue our fallen exiles and clear the surrounding area for awhile. Hopeless. We retreat into the safety of our small town. We survived, it was a success. The victory was ours and the day was o' so old...


The Great Feast of Tsrrin

In true fashion the Feast of Tsrrin has taken over Puddleby. Exiles and those born on our isle strut about in costumes of critters both puny and great or villains or heroes of both truth and myth. I was surprised to see many exiles walking about in warrior thoom costumes. I have captured a few of but the many sightings of those portraying me in all my glory.

Also of interest and questionable curiosity is the usual feast business of mischief and jesting that can be found in town center. Only a few exiles withdraw from participation during these great days, but the rest find themselves deep into celebration and discover the 'secret' costumes and collect all the candy from local crafts people and farmers. I look forward to all the dynamic and dark events that may follow in the coming days.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Rats, Vermine, and Darshak!

Yesterday this event occurred as I left the safety of the library. There were plenty of rats and vermine for the the younger population of Puddleby. The warring continued to east-north farm. I'll think the sketches paint a nice picture of the madness. Unfortunately, there were no Large Death Vermine.

Not too long after Darshak were spotted in town center. We exiles rushed west town and engaged these pirates in hand-to-hand combat. It was a fair match and the battle was short too. I left not long after the beaches were secured and headed to the library. From the sunstone messages I think others invaded the horde until ceasecombat was reached.

I have been spending a lot of my time in the library so far, but in a good week or so I think I will be back to my old self. I have been making progress on the 5th circle test.