Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Incursion

I participated in the successful incursion the past day. This was my first incursion experience and I was exhausted prior to the beginning, but still stuck through until the positive finale. Legendary exile Vagile showed up to assist and hit things. She sang her famous song "Living Well in Puddleby" and did some dirty dancing as one can confirm by looking at the sketch.

The ethereal creatures came at the exiles in great waves. Their numbers were weak until the Kyuem was placed. After that there was probably three to five times when a substantial number of fighters were fallen. During the healing it was 'hinted' by a couple to hurry as time was a concern. This was a new challenge for me. I have never had a challenge beyond the animal quests that had a time frame. We were strong exiles though and we succeeded.


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