Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fighting Thooms gather in TC.

A small (or maybe large) portion of the fighting Thoom population gathered in Town Center and had a good time without any of the "other" races around. We yelled and shouted and Aymi and myself danced around Patino. We struck curious poses and at one point killed a rat! It was a impressive sight to behold in our matching Rockodile armor and it was the most fun I have had in TC in a long time. We tried tempt other fighting thooms from the library, but we failed and we didn't get to hold any flags! For that small fleeting glimpse of time, we, the fighting thooms, ruled Town Center.


Valley and Jade Noids.

In my previous entry I briefly mentioned my return to the Sasquatch Valley. I really enjoy the hunts there because of the location and the quality of hunting. The spawns can be fun as shown in this sketch I made of 18 Young Sasquatch that came out to play. I tried to think of something clever to write, but that is all I got! This is kind of a excuse to post random sketches... Oh, I almost fell when I got this sketch. It would've been worth it though.

I have helped in a Jade Noids hunt that was created by the Ranger, Donk. He is going for the morph and is usually recruiting for these hunts when he is not studying. This was a great hunt that started with a lot of fighters and only two healers. By the time it was done the group had gained and lost probably around 10-15 exiles. I stayed because I liked the ranks. Eventually we became too confident and a rather nasty spawn felled all of us. Luckily, Mujin-kun and Nyla were available and a full rescue with them and others created the fastest rescue of Jade's that I have ever witnessed.

And here are the sketches I promised of Natas' new tree-trophy house. Let us hope that town is never invaded by his collection of trophies. I think the house looks much better than his previous and it has a lot of room to be filled by the most vile and challenging animals of our isle chain.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Metz gets Crazy.

Initially I planned to write this about my return to hunting the Sasquatch Valley and Melabrion's Isle, but something else began as the group was finishing Mud Golem's. I first tuned in on my sunstone as Daimoth was tempting exiles of promises of snow and "new" animals at the Metz Cove. I played it false for a while but soon confirmed the events with one of my trainers, Natas.

As Mud Golem's ended I was excited to join in on the foray. I raided the beach to find Yorilla's and other creatures of all shapes and sizes that I did not know the names of. I remember at one point a substantial number of Valley Panthers attacked the exiles, but were dispatched by very strong exiles in the speed and difficulty in which I compare me versus island panthers. Haha. I didn't even have time to wiff on a VP before they fell.

New to me but to no one else was a Yorilla that could shake the ground on which we fought. I basically tagged some crap a couple of times and fell even more. There were multiple retreats to the water and two times a Nakika appeared. It was too hard for me to fight and Natas quickly chained the first one killed, adding it to his trophy collection. He purchased a new and larger home for the collection. I will get some sketches of those soon.

Also impressive to me was the Champion, Garr, who did some great demonstrations of the Stone Girdle and Lava Cloak (Do any other Champions train these things?) During the retreat times some tension was visible between the upper class concerning the most effective and productive method to handle the situation. Maybe I am young, but I tend to prefer the famous Zo Charge tactic... I kept my mouth shut. When all was said and done I left and vowed to the others that I would return to assist when I passed 3 more fighter circle tests.

I still hate Metz.


A Whole Lot of Something.

Ok. My mood is right and the timing is good. It is a perfect moment for a rather large journal entry with a lot of small stuff, but nothing too extraordinary. If you have seen me these last few days you must have known my woes and suffering as I could not leave the town center. Even during that time I would still pass out for unknown time periods making it nearly impossible or dangerous to do any on my usual KI/MI/Valley hunts. So here it is, life of the Warrior Thoom, stuck in the tc and my recovery.

What happens in TC these days? Well, I got a first hand account of many exciting events that will make some of you rank hunters or explorers jealous (or not.) My first exciting encounter was a small concert performed by the bards Samwise and Xepel. They played solo and duets to entertain the small crowd of locals. Their music covered a wide variety of moods and styles and I could still hear the songs when I passed out! I love bards (almost as much as SAS).

OK, later I traveled to Noids to help in a noob hunt. I arrived and broke my chain... losing both metals! I tried to stay and help, but passed out not much longer after this sketch was taken. I didn't fall because I am pretty dang good, even when I pass out. Later three champions gathered in TC with their fancy lava-cloaks and started to burn each other on my command. It was a impressive show and warmed my chilled hands.

Also, I went to Kalian's tree home to look at fancy clothes. I was impressed by the trophies and style of the place. Unfortunately, I didn't get a full walk through of the home or examination of his rare clothes as I passed out on his floor. Later when I woke I accused Kalian of drugging me and he said he told me not to eat a specific mushroom. I thought about charging him in court, well, not really but I did think about inquiring with a mystic or healer to why I was passing out, but I was lazy and passed out in the library instead.

And then it happened, I still pass out but my recovery is nearly instant. Being in such a good mood I headed with others to Melabrion's Isle. Instead of the crew of 7th-8th circle fighters to kill quickly, it was only Samwise and I to kill, two 4th circle fighters and talented healers to help. I still don't hit SAS great, but we did well for our group and had no problem killing 8+ SAS before leaving.

Now, inspired by MI I decided to host a hunt: the Noob Noid Hunt, sponsored by Fenix Fire and Clan Destine. Fellow healer, Han and C.destine healer, Creed came and I bricked for Bleign and Zifer. It was successful for those innocent young ones with plenty of vanquishes for both. We finished with the Savannah Mines where Zifer got good experience from the large undine gathered to protect the location of the Bloodbladers.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stuck in the Library .

An old stacks of books has fallen on Eden, trapping her in the expensive library. If you pass her by please lend a hand and remove the ancient leather cracked volumes. She cannot stand it much longer without a good hunt and she has a terrible headache from all the reading.

Update: I escaped the books and have failed my 5th circle test! AYE. Cerberal says I "remind" him of others that passed, but Cerberal is old and senile... someone needs to get him outdoors one of these days.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Happenings.

There have been no extraordinary events these past days and I thought it would be a good time for a random entry...

I have been working hard on Regia-Natas training and have now switched to Detha-Natas. I think in a short amount of time and with some hard word I will be prepared for the 5th circle fighter test. I have been on the Albino Maha hunt for a long time. I think I will get a shirt one of these days. I bought a Maha Gold shirt in the meantime and will change it to bright-pink (like Salubrious) when I find or buy or win the orga berries.

On that note I have become a gambler. The highlight of my wins include chains, metal, an axe, and some lilaberry clusters. I have become lyfed for the fourth time recently. Thankfully I have been cured almost as soon as these hunts end. I think I will buy a great axe soon. I have been doing some really productive hunts lately and foresee that I will do more. I still hate Metz and Toks. I still like MI, Valley, and KI.

My clan Fenix Fire will likely invite some more people to join very soon. Be sure to stay updated on Fenix Fire (The link is on the right-side of the journal). Oh! I got added to TMN favorites! Ha!

And more random sketches.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ethereal Plane Rescue Failure.

After making the final edits on my autobiography, "The Legendary Warrior Thoom" (Now available in the expensive library), I headed into the town center where I was informed my fellow Fenix Fire clan fighter, Thorgal was fallen in the EP. He had joined the motley party of dwarf's known as Purple Haze, whom tempted his simple Zo mind to the dark reaches of the Ether. I like to think that, but in truth the party was after the forge and was overwhelmed in that near material-less plane.

The rescue party recruiting was already under way by Phroon, I joined them on CI. We left that place of safety with five healers and seven fighters, a very good ratio I thought. I have been to the Ethereal Plane before and the experience was never too dangerous, so I was content at this point. By looking at the sketch it should be easy to interpret our success. At first all was well and I helped kill some Ethereal Stalkers. It got hard and it got hard fast. We were falling, one down, two down, three, four, five. I quickly chained some of my comrades, but the enemies were too vast. We became unorganized and I knew of no escape I could find myself. Minutes later all twelve of us were fallen.

Most of us departed, a collective 8-15 exiles. This marked my second depart ever. Every depart teaches me a lesson. What that lesson is I will not reveal here. Shortly after, I hunted Melabrion's Isle and Ash Isle and I am back on track for learning my lessons. As I finished writing this a successful series of rescues of the EP were underway.


Darshak Steal Beer!

I am too lazy to write an awesome entry.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Metz Revisited.

It has been quite some time since I landed on the majestic beaches of Metz. I arrived on the sand a little stronger and a little wiser than my first exploration. Our primary objective was to assist the ranger Blackhole in a quest for Ancient Greymyr's. I joined and I helped destroy some animals. This was not a rank hunt though and I was mostly exploring for myself.

The Mystic Ansset gave some impressive boosts that increased my accuracy for just about everything I wiffed on. I also learned a lesson as my slow reflexes caused Ansset to get pummeled by rocks and ruins, thus rendering him unraisable and bringing the end to our short hunt. It wasn't long after that we returned with a different group and had a very similar experience.

My mood toward Metz is currently disinterest. I recall similar disinterest from my younger days when I hunted places that were too hard from me. I could not offer any productive value besides the occasional tag, but I think as I abuse KI and Valley it will become more attractive around 5th or 6th circle. I enjoyed the new scenery the most.


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

4th Circle.

It was a great day after another extended study. I failed my last attempt at the 4th test bad and didn't think I would make much progress today. Honor once again told me I reminded him of those that passed... and I did pass! The sketch details the final portion where I managed to kill the Green Noid.

Afterward exiles gathered in the east field to kill the remaining ethereal creatures from what I was told was a unsuccessful incursion (see my new belt in the sketch?). It was a good place to get some tag experience, but was not the most exciting of events. I also tried the 5th circle test, but it appears I have some more training ahead of me before I succeed.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Lyfe Claw and Sketches.

This turned out to be quite the day for me. A great hunt to Kizmia's Isle which landed me some 2000 coins and plenty of ranks, a Greater-Death in Dark Tower, but I write this separately to include possibly the greatest portion of the day. After all those events I obtained a Lyfelidae Claw from one of my trainers, the Zo fighter, Natas. This comes after my first necklace broke (I received that from another good Zo, but will not mention his name unless he permits) and I became lyfed again! This is good as I now hunt KI with a group of the usual suspects multiple times each day.

And more random sketches!


Unbearable Confidence.

My confidence as a Warrior Thoom is like a double-bladed sword. Take for instance a recent Greater Death (GD) fiercely guarding the Dark Tower on Ash Isle. I was instantly informed by Yotaro of the GD when I left my studies. I thoomed at the thought of a sketch of me destroying the red-eyed skull. What followed is in the sketches below.

We had many unsuccessful attempts that resulted in fallen exiles. At one time the majority of the exiles returned to town center in defeat. Alas I was not one of them and Brune heard the GD whisper: "sisisssissiessss." This seemed to inspire all and the defeated returned, with them.. the big-guns (ie. Natas, Mujin-Kun, DeathLord, and Cecil). Basically, people that could hit and kill the GD! It was ended on their first attempt and in true style and fashion.


Saturday, September 1, 2007

Ratticus Infestation.

Before I begin this scripture on the Rattici I ponder upon a recent hunt to the Sasquatch Valley. It was here nothing out of the ordinary occurred in my opinion, but there were a unusual number of cave cobra present as evident by my sketch. It is moments like this I cherish. I think this is because I value ranks primarily and cc are relatively easy to tag and kill quick.

Ratticus Infestation:

It was after the Tok'han hunt and many exiles were thinking their thoughts of distress. I was none to excited by the thought of a "rat" invasion. I would rather skip it to hunt KI or MI or Valley. The group had spoken though and TC was are destination (Not necessarily to save the day, but to rest or study in the library.) And so I yelled "Thoom Rescue," as I entered Town Center.

I soon found an abundant number of ratticus variations. Their numbers were not yet overwhelming and I tagged a couple and ran in front of the temple. Behind me some companions fell and I soon joined them. One cannot tell visually the difference between a rat and a ratticus, thus making the difficulty of fighting them so hard. I swung out many of times and found myself surrounded and quickly falling to these tiny animals.

Soon afterward fire-breathing ratticuses joined in the battle burning a lot of exiles to PND and requiring some of the most skilled horus healers (lib and non-lib) to our aid. In the first batch of fallens I myself was one of the worst and I bleed all over the cheap books before getting healed. As such I missed out on most of the tactics that ended the invasion, though I think exiles returned to the secret underground passages to make direct attacks on the outwitted ratticuses.

I find it curious that some exiles leave the fight in anger. I myself enjoy the challenge and have patience while others depart or pass out in the streets. To blame for this invasion could be exile, BlackHand. He mocked the gods and it could have been that action that caused this.