Tuesday, February 4, 2014


In one day two esteemed healers commented on how difficult I was to heal and one of them, Taryn, was willing to form a group to the Grotto to visit Rodnus. The sketch above is the location of the Grotto where 3 fighter trainers live deep in Orga country. Knox and Anglisa are not very popular, but Rodnus is a staple trainer almost all fighters above the 4th circle have trained. Olaf decided to train Rodnus too.

In recent news I have once again decided to become an active fighter. My library studies have almost entirely brought me from barely 6th circle to so so close to 7th circle. It's fun to see many old and new exiles out hunting in the islands. There is also another active Warrior Thoom in the lands which is always a welcome sight. Gaia knows this world needs more Thoom!

I would also like to thank those that organize daily and weekly hunts. It makes it much easier for me to come out of the library. The list is long and full of veteran fighters, healers, and mystics. Thoom!

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