Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7th Circle

By the skin of my teeth I passed the 7th circle fighter test moments ago! Thanks go out to Mork who donated a set of Ravenstorm armor. I got the grey weapon dye finally after all these years.

September 2007: Passed 4th Circle Test
December 2007: Passed 5th Circle Test
August 2009: Passed 6th Circle Test
February 2014: Passed 7th Circle Test

My Fighter Stats for the 7th Circle Test
Atkus: 500
Darkus: 300
Balthus: 750
Regia: 800
Detha: 300
Histia: 300

The majority of my ranks came from Evus and Swengus. In the coming future I'm looking to severely increase Atkus and Darkus. I want to pass the 8th circle before considering to join any subclass. This should give a good benchmark to future fighters on the minimum rank messages that are needed. Thoom!

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