Monday, September 7, 2009

Van Bones and the Labor Dispute.

Van Bones of the Green Scar was presumed responsible for the invasion on TC and subsequent overpopulation of tangle-wood Orga involved in a labor dispute, which I have come to call the Orga Labor Dispute or OLD. Who is Van Bones? Can a Labor Union work? This news is still breaking at the time I write this. Expect further postings as needed. Follow the sketches below for a rough time frame of events.

After an small attack on TC, the Van Bones supporters were found in NE and SE fields. Skeleton Orga Shamans brought some mayhem via their destructive and massive green fires.

Scouting and Falling in Tangle-Wood, Orga Country.

Failed rescue in Tangle-Wood plus awesome one-liner!

One North of the Meadow. Many departs... Some were rescued much later.


Rescue party assaulting one north of Meadow.

One South of Meadow. BRO country, at least for a short while.



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