Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chaos Storm

Things got nasty right before a recent Chaos Storm.

I recently required a whole bunch of Horus after a failed solo trip to the Abyss.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Dark Temple

Yeah, I made this happen...ugh

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7th Circle

By the skin of my teeth I passed the 7th circle fighter test moments ago! Thanks go out to Mork who donated a set of Ravenstorm armor. I got the grey weapon dye finally after all these years.

September 2007: Passed 4th Circle Test
December 2007: Passed 5th Circle Test
August 2009: Passed 6th Circle Test
February 2014: Passed 7th Circle Test

My Fighter Stats for the 7th Circle Test
Atkus: 500
Darkus: 300
Balthus: 750
Regia: 800
Detha: 300
Histia: 300

The majority of my ranks came from Evus and Swengus. In the coming future I'm looking to severely increase Atkus and Darkus. I want to pass the 8th circle before considering to join any subclass. This should give a good benchmark to future fighters on the minimum rank messages that are needed. Thoom!


In one day two esteemed healers commented on how difficult I was to heal and one of them, Taryn, was willing to form a group to the Grotto to visit Rodnus. The sketch above is the location of the Grotto where 3 fighter trainers live deep in Orga country. Knox and Anglisa are not very popular, but Rodnus is a staple trainer almost all fighters above the 4th circle have trained. Olaf decided to train Rodnus too.

In recent news I have once again decided to become an active fighter. My library studies have almost entirely brought me from barely 6th circle to so so close to 7th circle. It's fun to see many old and new exiles out hunting in the islands. There is also another active Warrior Thoom in the lands which is always a welcome sight. Gaia knows this world needs more Thoom!

I would also like to thank those that organize daily and weekly hunts. It makes it much easier for me to come out of the library. The list is long and full of veteran fighters, healers, and mystics. Thoom!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thoom Fashion.

It's been a long time coming and the wait is over! There are now new fashionable clothing choices for Puddleby Thoom! No longer are pantaloons hidden by long shirts! Many Thoom have been spotted trying out the new styles. Time will tell if it remains popular.

-A Very Happy Thoom!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Van Bones and the Labor Dispute.

Van Bones of the Green Scar was presumed responsible for the invasion on TC and subsequent overpopulation of tangle-wood Orga involved in a labor dispute, which I have come to call the Orga Labor Dispute or OLD. Who is Van Bones? Can a Labor Union work? This news is still breaking at the time I write this. Expect further postings as needed. Follow the sketches below for a rough time frame of events.

After an small attack on TC, the Van Bones supporters were found in NE and SE fields. Skeleton Orga Shamans brought some mayhem via their destructive and massive green fires.

Scouting and Falling in Tangle-Wood, Orga Country.

Failed rescue in Tangle-Wood plus awesome one-liner!

One North of the Meadow. Many departs... Some were rescued much later.


Rescue party assaulting one north of Meadow.

One South of Meadow. BRO country, at least for a short while.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Puddleby... Then And Now.

These entries will compare my lifestyles before and after my long absence.

5th Circle Fighter, hunting experience on KI with Muji, Healers (Lori, Gala, Talin and More), and Pets.

6th Circle Fighter, hunting experience on Metz with Muji, Healers (Lori, Gala, Talin, Des, and More), and Pets.

I am prime fighter for KI atm. Ideally I would be doing hunts there. It appears my social skills are limited atm and I care not to find KI groups.